I am a self taught artist, born in Pickering and now living in the East end of Toronto. I paint for the pure love and joy it, and hope some of those feelings come through to the viewer and those that have one of my pieces. I’ve dabbled in oil, encaustic and watercolour, but since I started using acrylic, I have never looked back.   I generally get my inspiration from photographs or sketches but will adjust the perspective to make it my own. I have deliberately avoided the temptation to focus on a common theme. I am always exploring what is possible, so I paint what appeals to me or anything that I think has the right balance of color, be it a portrait/figure, still life, botanical or landscape. I want to avoid being “type cast” as having a particular style or subject matter.


The internet has been a wonderful space for artists. It enables us to learn more about technique, media, and so much more that we otherwise would not have had access to. I find that painting allows me to express things I cannot put into words and frees me to be myself. I am a free spirit and bore easily. This leads me to experiment with new texture and techniques on a regular basis. I use professional grade paints, canvas as well as clay boards.


I feel complete, if the viewer is moved, touched and inspired. This is what I strive for. My mission for every painting is to make the viewer feel something. I am driven to recapture my experience. I can only hope the viewer will feel the same passion for the subject as I do.


My goal is to share my love for, and awe in, the creation of beauty. I feel the best art touches my heart and makes me “feel”. The feeling may be joyous, peaceful, or even sad. That awe and wonderment about my subjects is what I want to convey to the viewer.